Jun. 18th, 2010

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I slowed down and stopped at a light on my way to drop off my timeslip to work, one that turned yellow as I was still a few feet away from it and red by the time I came to a stop. (I was far enough away from the intersection that I knew I would be unable to clear it by the time the light turned red.) Someone behind me honked me for as long as the light was red. Then as soon as we turned, he passed me on the right, yelled out his window at me, and then tried to cut me off. Once right in front of me he slammed on his breaks. I stopped. He span his tires and sped off. I let him go. Caught up to him at the next lights, ignored him. Etc. We ended up at five different intersections, me just behind and to the right of him before we parted ways.

As far as I know, I did nothing wrong and I was doing what I could NOT to escalate the situation (even to the point of making sure I didn't look his way whenever we got stopped at the same intersection and giving his car plenty of room.) It is my impression that you are supposed to slow down for a stop when you see a traffic light go yellow as you approach the intersection and even if I'm one of the few people in the city to do so, I'm still going to do so. It's the safe thing to do. At least in my opinion. And no honking mad man will make me change what I see as a safe driving habit.


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