Jun. 28th, 2010

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okay, I have a possibly weird question for any of my flist who would like to chime in with an opinion. I especially would like to hear from the Americans on my list about the below question, but it would also be very interesting to hear what the flisters from other places besides the US think of it to. So here goes, with some background first...

in 1995 "Quebec voted on whether to separate from Canada" and become it's own sovereign nation. It was huge news here in Canada and there is still an active Separist movement, though it doesn't seem to be moving for another plebicite in the near future. The question that occured to me was:

"Okay, so there are a lot of Mormons (Latter Day Saints) in Utah and a lot of their beliefs are unique to their faith, if they all got together and started pushing for the Utah senate to hold a referendum on whether or not to separate from the U.S.A. and become their own independent nation, what would happen?"

So? Opinions? Thoughts? Is it even theoretically possible for one of the states within the United States to separate? A very curious and sometimes odd Canadian wants to know.


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