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Title: Twenty Essential Things Everyone Should Know When It Comes To Snorkacks by Luna Lovegood
Author/Related by: Qzeebrella
Fandom: Harry Potter
Category: gen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The show and its characters belong to J.K. Rowling et al. No profit is being made from this story and no infringement is intended.
Author's notes: for the
The Harry Potter Random Facts Fest


1. Snorkacks apparate naturally and do so whenever they are startled.

2. Snorkacks have a limited form of telepathy that they use to convince people that they actually are seeing a cat or rabbit or mouse or bear or something else, like a hat.

3. Snorkacks are primarily vegetarians but will eat other things if they choose to live with a human - then they have a particular liking for table scraps and pet food.

4. When Snorkacks live in an urban environment but not within someone's home, they enjoy eating the occasional sock, which they steal from something muggles call a washer or dryer.

5. Snorkacks enjoy playing practical jokes.

6. One of the Weasley twins acquired a Snorkack as a familiar (though he wasn't aware of it and is still unaware of it) shortly before they opened their jokeshop.

7. The Snorkack familiar is responsible for about one third of the inventions sold at the Weasely Wizard Wheezes.

8. Snorkacks really, really like catnip and thus prefer to masquerade as housecats when they choose to live with a muggle family/person as this will ensure that they gain access to a regular stash of nip.

9. One Snorkack enjoys a good game of Quidditch so much that he has become the official Quaffle for Puddlemere United team.

10. The largest population of urban Snorkacks can be found in Tokyo Japan.

11. It is rumoured that the inventor of Pokemon, one Satoshi Tajiri, based his first character on a sighting of a Snorkack in it's natural form.

12. Snorkacks invented the game of tag.

13. Queen Elizabeth II once wore a Snorkack on her head to the Royal Ascot races, thinking it was a hat. "photographic proof"

14. Wolves, cougars, and other medium sized predators are the greatest threat to Snorkacks.

15. The only time more than three Snorkacks gather together is during mating season.

16. Once a Snorkack finds a mate, they stay in relatively close contact for one week after conception.

17. On the sixth or seventh day after conception, the female of the pair "gives birth" and the quarter inch kit(s) is/are transfered into the males pouch.

18. The female leaves and the male carries and nurtures the kit(s) for sixty to eighty days, providing it/them with affection and otherwise acting much as a mother cat or dog does.

19. When the Snorkack kit(s) are weaned, they leave the male and set of on their own to find the right home for the rest of their lives.

20. Snorkacks enjoy a good party and there is always at least one in attendance at all parties (even the dull ones) - especially if deviled eggs are being served.


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